Bernard I. Murstein, Ph.D.
Psychologist ~ Historian
"Research & Reminiscence With Verve, Candor, and Humorously Piercing Insights"
Bernard I. Murstein, Ph.D. is an internationally known psychologist-historian, who has held an endowed chair at Connecticut College, Fulbright Grant at the Universite de Louvain, and was designated a 20th Century Distinguished Psychologist by Papeles Psicologos del Colegio of Spain. He was elected a fellow of three divisions of the American Psychological Association, past president of the Society of Personality Assessment, and Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology.

This world traveler, nationally and internationally respected researcher and author, shares his expertise and his knowledge with a humorist edge.

His books range from "the best book on projective techniques ever written," (on the subject of the Thematic Apperception Technique), to marital relations "America's principle theoretician in mate selection"; to a rational approach to an irrational financial market "A ground-breaking book on how investors' actions and emotions affect the stock market", to a reminiscence of fulfilling fantasies in his book "Is Sex Tax-Deductible?".

Today, he has turned his writing skills to historical perspectives in a two-book series, an expedition through memories from the Great Depression to 2013. Step back in time - a personal history with details from real life experience - starting with "EyeWitness News-1929!" Detailed nostalgia has never been so interesting, or seemed so real.
Bernard I. Murstein, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Educator, Historian, Author, Philosopher

"Read his books, learn a lot, chuckle a lot."
"These memoirs showcase Murstein's talents as serious scholar, 
stand-up comic, and engaging raconteur."

"His wide-ranging interests have led him down from Marrakech to Moscow, encountering exceptionally colorful characters."

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